The Fracture & Orthopaedic Clinic

Helping Bones & Joints Work Better

Temporary Restrictions due to COVID19

At the clinic, we will be able to see Fractures, injuries & acute severely painful orthopaedic conditions that require urgent care. 

This is in keeping with the directives issued by authorities, from time to time. 

These changes are temporary. We will revert to regular work once regulatory authorities advise us to do so. 

Please note that many orthopaedic problems cannot be diagnosed and treated over tele-consultations, and you may require to visit the clinic. 

Clinic Timings : Mon-Sat - 10am to 6pm 
Please call 
9900267500 before leaving from your house. 

When you are in the clinic - 

  • Please use a mask to cover your nose and mouth, at all times
  • Please follow social distancing
  • Please wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use hand sanitiser
  • Please minimise your family or attendants coming to the clinic. Only one person to come along with patient, if the patient needs assistance.

Please try to use your own car or plan for an Ambulance if required. Please avoid public transport. 

Please follow Social Distancing. Go outside your house only if it is essential. 
Protect your elderly relatives and young children at home. 
Wash Hands frequently. Stay Safe. 
Please wear a mask at all times when outside your house.

No. 57, 17-A Cross, 8th Main,
Bangalore - 560 055 India

Appointments, Enquiry:


Regular Working hours:
Mon - Sat : 9:30am to 7:30pm
Sunday     :    Holiday
Please Contact the Clinic before coming in
Working hours may change due to COVID19 related restrictions

Emergencies Only : 9845222310

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